Monday, August 23, 2010


I made an executive decision last week and didn't do a damn thing but relax. No internal deadlines. Just mindless WoW-ing. I can't even begin to tell you how much better I feel.

It gave me a lot more energy to get back to art. These are a couple of things I am working on. I didn't want you to see exactly what they are yet, because I'm one of those people that really don't like to show something til it's done (last drawing post was a fluke because I never plan on finishing it). They're more to just show assurance that I am working on something.

I have plans to bring my scanner over to this laptop. It's been previously hooked up to the Hub's computer, but his comp has decided to mysteriously stop working. But I don't have any room for it on my table at this second...soooo! Soon.

Also, it'll be a slightly busy week as I have out-of-town company coming in Fri. And some birthdays coming up. The plan is to have both pics done by Sunday. All I can say is I'll do my best to get everything done on time!

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