Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sketches, Spring Semester Part 1, + More

This one was part of an assignment to illustrate using barcodes. All 4 of those are "Escape".

Barcode version of "Surprise".


Belated Get to Know me Sunday 3 (for 6/3/12)

5 questions:

1.) In your opinion, what are the seven wonders of the world?

The human spirit, the emotional inner lives of animals, the modern age with all its technological advances, life being on this planet, love, the numerous ways people have found to express imagination and creativity, and the world itself and how much we still have left to discover.

2.) Who would you pick to be the next president?

Realistically speaking, Obama. Romney scares me (although not quite as bad as Palin did). Idealistically speaking, either of the Gates couple- both seem to have a good grasp of altruism as well as knowing how to run a large corporation (a skill that probably transfers to running a country somewhat), and they're both wealthy enough to not be bought out by Big Business and their demon-spawn Lobbyists.Or one of the reigning UFC champions. Then the other countries can also elect fighters. Then, when someone has a problem with someone else, we send in our Presidents to fight it out and whomever wins, wins whatever the problem was and the losing country has to help them with whatever they needed to solve the problem.

3.) What life experienced has strengthened you the most?

They all have. That's the point of trials and tribulations and even the good life learn. But it wasn't til the past couple of years that I realized this and allowed them to strengthen me. To embrace every ounce of pain (not just the good stuff) , and instead of pushing it away, say to myself, "Hey, I guess this is the lesson I was meant to learn." And I'm thankful for all of it because it's made me who I am today. Okay, maybe I'm not thankful right away, but I get there eventually! :P

4.) Which is more important- intelligence or common sense?

"And/or" questions suck. Why does it have to be one or the other? It depends on the situation. If pushed, I guess common sense has a slight edge. I think I feel that because I know or have seen too many dumb Smart People.

5.) What would you like to change about your relationship with your family?

I wish my cousins lived closer so I could see them more. I wish my mother could see value in me, and value in a life lived more...calmly. I wish I knew why my Dad is the way he is. I wish my brother and I were closer. All I can say is...I can only work on my end of things.


So, I was thinking to myself earlier, why do I post here? I know I pretend I'm talking to someone else when I know nobody else comes here and I'm just talking to myself. So why?

Well, posting my art makes me feel like I have to make more art to post. And that's a good thing of course.

And as for the questions, I have read so much recently about "knowing yourself', every inch of what you think, is the best way to know what you want in life. So, yeah...why not ask myself questions I normally don't think about and articulating things makes stuff in my head more solid somehow.

Oh, and all my questions thus far come from a "game" called Tabletopics. The cube I am using is "original" edition, but I think I'll get another one once I'm done with this one.

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