Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Comic-Con Swag

I normally associate "swag" with more substantial stuff from cons, such as t-shirts, flash drives, posters, etc. But for lack of a better word, here's my swag for the con- 4 bookmark designs. I tried to make designs to reflect my artistic interests.

This one shows my interest in art deco and art nouveau. There are other movements I like, but I only had time for 4 bookmarks :D

Here, my love for mythology, symbolism and cats.

My fascination with zombies is shown here. Oh, I forgot to tell friends the Hub got me Last Night on Earth for my birthday! It's a super fun boardgame, and basically, it puts zombies (1-2 players) against humans (everyone else). Since it's my birthday game, I've claimed zombies in perpetuum. Neener neener.

And I think cephalopods (squid, octopi, and cuttlefish) are some of the coolest animals on earth.

So perhaps, next year, with more time (seriously, I've known about this forever but only decided to do something 4 days ago.), maybe I'll have prints to sell. Assuming there is interest.


  1. hows it going i did the print job at postalannex i notice the blog spot on there. love the book marks

  2. Hi! I'm still cutting out my bookmarks! So many! And thanks. I like your graffiti too. Well done street art is pretty meaningful and moving. I should get you together with another street artist friend who may have ideas of how you can market it. His street name is Fose1.