Thursday, July 22, 2010

Welcome to San Diego Comic-Con 2010!


If you're the one person who liked my art (dire predictions of the future ;P) and decided to stop by here, then thank you SO MUCH. I live my life to have someone look at something I've created and say to themselves "Hey that's interesting. I want to see more." I think that's pretty much the goal of most artists...ok, with a smattering of financial gain and getting published/in a gallery/acquiring a fan base too. But mostly just making people happy/interested/feel something. OK, yes, I'm babbling again. I really should stop blogging past midnight *yawn*.

I think the one thing I'm worried about most is people looking here and seeing not much up. I must confess, this blog is relatively new, thus the lack of content. But there are plans!

1.) Continued work with Illustration Friday. It's really good practice and just fun to look at as well. And I've already met some interesting artists. I'll probably mostly be doing digital work for that.

2.) Catching up and continued participation with Daily Shoot. Yes, photography is only a hobby at this point, but I can feel what I am learning from that, in regards to lighting and composition, bleeding into other areas. And on that note...

3.) I'll be taking a photography class this fall (I hope), so I'll probably be subjecting people to my homework and assignments. ^.^

4.) a small series involving animals doing improbable things. That will most likely involve pen and ink and possibly color pencil and be hand rendered.

5.)sketches due by Jan 15th for the Sketchbook Project.

...and who knows what else?! My mind is always coming up with new ideas.

So if you stopped by here because you picked up my bookmark and you're curious, come back again! I promise there will be something new at least once a week :)


  1. So good to see you making art. I love your stuff so you better keep your promise--something new each week! :)

  2. Thanks so much! I'll do my best to keep going regularly. It helps to know that people are looking :D